La hojarasca del hayedo anda revolucionada.
Ha llegado una hoja nueva que viste traje de plata.
¡Que se vaya! ¡Que se vaya! piden en la manada.
!Esa nueva presumida no es una hoja de haya!


2 pensamientos en “Xenofobia

  1. II
    I saw in Louisiana a live-oak growing,
    All alone stood it, and the moss hung down
    from the branches,
    Without any companion it grew there,
    glistening out with joyous leaves of
    dark green,
    And its look, rude, unbending, lusty, made
    me think of myself;
    But I wondered how it could utter joyous
    leaves, standing alone there without its
    friend, its lover- -For I knew I could
    And I plucked a twig with a certain number
    of leaves upon it, and twined around it
    a little moss, and brought it away —
    And I have placed it in sight in my

    It is not needed to remind me as of my
    friends, (for I believe lately I think of
    little else than of them,)
    Yet it remains to me a curious token – it
    makes me think of manly love, I write these
    pieces and name them after it ;
    For all that, and though the tree live oak
    glistens there in Louisiana, solitary in a
    wide flat space, uttering joyous leaves
    all its life, without a friend, a lover,
    near – I know very well I could not.


    • Gracias por el poema. Correspondo también con unos preciosos versos suyos que me emocionan.

      He oído cuanto los charlatanes decían,
      el cuento del principio y del fin,
      mas yo no hablo del principio o del fin.

      Jamás hubo otro comienzo que ahora,
      ni más juventud o edad que ahora,
      ni habrá jamás otra perfección que ahora,
      ni más cielo o infierno que ahora.

      Whalt Whitman, Canto de mí mismo


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